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Tin Horse Theatre is a company at the start of a journey that promises to be like no other. To make this journey possible we need people to come with us.

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March 2010: Pervasive gaming at Playgrounds, The V&A’s Friday Late with Hide & Seek.

Tin Horse Theatre working closely with an underground artist known as The Spinner helped to create a brand new pervasive game that took place across the V&A.

Her creations, first scratched at the Royal Festival Hall under the name Broken Arrow, formed the foundation of Wedlock, a race against time, through challenges of bravery and wit, where those who were chosen tried to bring two people together.

Failure to succeed would lead to disaster for us all...

"Brimming with innovation and sheer brilliance, Tin Horse Theatre create a world of delight through faultless excellence"
- Adam Johnson, Artistic Director of The Northern Lights Symphony Orchestra


  • Directed and produced by Aaron Minnigin and Jeremy Sachs
  • Costume Design by Kate Rigby
  • Sound design by Paul Freeman
  • Construction by James Millar
  • Choir Master, DJ Walde
  • Map design by David Aldhouse
  • Technical Manager, Euan Maybank
  • Choreographer, Raquel Mesaguer

Production Team

  • Georgie Bottomley
  • Anna Bingham
  • Rebecca Brower
  • Mathew Dye
  • Tess Fairburn
  • Nicola Honeysett
  • Louise Mullan

Cast List

  • Holly Clark
  • Matthew Crouzieres
  • Helen Goward
  • Joshua Hemmings
  • Susan Hingley
  • Maeve McClenaghan
  • Rob McNeil
  • Martha Palmer
  • Naomi Reynolds
  • Rosie Waters
  • Ilana Winterstein


  • Jenny Dale
  • Chris Hudson


  • Natalie Amber
  • Renu Arora
  • Julie Bowes
  • Paola Berta
  • Sarah Castle
  • Donna Combe
  • Helen Davison
  • Krystal Dockery
  • Jen Evans
  • Abigail Halley
  • Jamie Hannan
  • Claire Hawkins
  • Martina Heubel
  • Sara Huel
  • Sasha Jay
  • Tim Jolly

  • Berit Kunnecke
  • Suzanne Kendall
  • Therese Kensington
  • Chryatal Lecointe
  • Matthew Markwick
  • Katherine Mount
  • Susan Seth
  • Daliah Sherrington
  • Amos Sullivan
  • Anna-Marie Sullivan
  • Karl O'Keeffe
  • Shannon Thompson
  • Jen Vile
  • Charlie Walsh
  • Nathania Wong
  • Joanna Woodward

Past Work

Wedlock Lock With Key The Valley
Philip Lock With Key The Valley

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Registered address 104C Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 2BD

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