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Tin Horse Theatre is a company at the start of a journey that promises to be like no other. To make this journey possible we need people to come with us.

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The Valley

June 2009: Multiple audience interactive theatre at Space Studios in London Fields.

“All across the nation, the television screens gave out nothing bar white….”

The Valley was the company’s first leap into a multiple audience performance with the constant interaction we had previously worked with. We are looking to develop the show into a much larger event that can take place in public spaces while continuing to explore the themes seen in the initial performance.

“Interacting, thought provoking and loud…..engaging, participatory theatre, where audience members are transported into new worlds and asked to make decisions concerning the plot, often involving moral dilemmas”
- Paschal Straiton. Fringe Review.

Further audience feedback

“I had to be physically dragged out”
- Charlie Fish

“Like nothing you’ve experienced before”
- Laura Murphy

“An incredibly powerful experience. You really felt you were part of a movement. Unnerving, immersive, powerful, upsetting”
- Cammilla Corr

“Dark and twisted” - Gary Campbell Stoke Newington International Airport

“A smashing, exciting interactive experience that’s akin to an all immersing theme park ride that you have to throw yourself into completely”
- Michael Bagwell

“An unsettling, disorientating experience, but exhilarating”
- Roland West

  • Devised by Matthew Dye & Aaron Minnigin with the company
  • Design and Construction by Louise Mullan & James Millar
  • Costume design by Ginny Yang
  • Sound Design by Paul Freeman
Cast list
  • Katy Balfour
  • Holly Clarke
  • Matthew Dye
  • Helen Goward
  • Christopher Hammond
  • James Kenward
  • Emma Lawrence
  • Grace Pieniazek
  • Naomi Reynolds
  • Amy Rhodes
  • Jennifer Shakesby
  • Rosie Waters
Audio guide narration
  • Jonathon Kydd
Production management
  • Georgie Bottomley
  • Jeremy Sachs
Programme Design
  • David Aldhouse
  • Chris Hudson

Past Work

Wedlock Lock With Key The Valley
Philip Lock With Key The Valley

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Registered address 104C Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 2BD

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