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Tin Horse Theatre is a company at the start of a journey that promises to be like no other. To make this journey possible we need people to come with us.

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Standing Friends

July 2007: A multi venue, interactive, sole audience experience.

After meeting your contact and following their instructions you are submerged in a strange world, driven through streets, guided through people’s homes and directed into underground bunkers. All the while you are trying to find Paul while your very presence constantly arouses suspicion.

Standing Friends is set against a backdrop that shows how people can react in violent and cruel ways when faced with fearful and troubled times.

- Felix Barrett, Artistic Director for Punchdrunk

"One of the best pieces of theatre I've ever seen"
- Raquel Meseguer, Lost Dog Dance Company

"A challenging masterpiece and a privilege to experience"
- Andrew Connolly, executive producer at the Shaw Theatre & New End Theatre

"The best piece of theatre I've seen in absolutely years, if not ever. It took my definition of performance to new heights.
- Lauren Berry: Knockback magazine.


  • Written & directed by Aaron Minnigin & Jeremy Sachs
  • Designed by Louise Mullan
  • Sound design by Steven Casey and Aaron Minnigin
  • Costume design by Natasha Brain


  • Daniel Clarke
  • Sophie Cook
  • Chris Coombes
  • Matthew Dye
  • Lydia Mason
  • Philip McElvaney
  • Aaron Minnigin
  • Louise Mullan
  • Amy Rhodes
  • Jeremy Sachs
  • Emma Lawrence


  • Chris Hudson

Past Work

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