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Tin Horse Theatre is a company at the start of a journey that promises to be like no other. To make this journey possible we need people to come with us.

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November 2008: Sole audience, interactive experimental theatre at The Space, Mudchute

Philip is set in the early 20th century and explores themes of authority, faith and trust as the company continue their exploration into audience influence and participation.

"An engrossing production in which a single audience member is thrown in the midst of a finely detailed environment, with well rounded characters and are presented with opportunities to step beyond the comfort zone of the silent observer and to affect and influence the course of events..."
- Paschale Straiton, Fringe Review

"Intense and frightening...A little like a dream...Everything that happens you feel on a deep level - I've only just stopped shaking"
- Cate Trotter, Insider London

"Intense, intriguing, complex, vaguely unsatisfying, bizarre, Tin Horse-esque, good, very good, charming, memorable, frustrating, brilliant, GAH!"
"I feel like it was one of those books where you get to choose your next step"
- Knockback Magazine

"Great use of building and great set design"
- Colin Nightingale, Director of Operations for Punchdrunk

"A total hallucination...Perfect"
- Tim Wilson, Artistic Director for the Arts Heritage Company

"A sense of wanting to change the past...A one man show with a serious moral quandry"
- Peter Higgin, Enrichment manager for Punchdrunk

"A wonderful experience to another world...I entered as myself and became another person...It's the ultimate experience...I'm very new to this kind of show and I'm certainly excited by it...Absolutely loved it. Thank you, thank you, thank you"
- Kevin Konak, audience reaction

  • Written and Directed by Aaron Minnigin
  • Designed by Louise Mullan
  • Set construction by James Millar and Aaron Minnigin
  • Sound Design by Steven Casey and Aaron Minnigin
  • Costume Design by Kate Rigby
  • Matthew Dye
  • Sara Hoopell
  • Hannah Platts
  • Amy Rhodes
  • Jeremy Sachs
  • Rosie Waters
  • Chris Hudson

Past Work

Lock With Key The Valley Philip
Lock With Key The Valley Philip

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