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Tin Horse Theatre is a company at the start of a journey that promises to be like no other. To make this journey possible we need people to come with us.

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A To B

July 2008: A walking work in development

Joon Lynn Goh in collaboration with Tin Horse Theatre.

A two part, two night audio walk designed for one person at a time. Audience members pass through the streets of Shoreditch and Dalston with guidance of little known Middle London Walks founder Cyril Headcliff and the appearance of other companions.

A journey from places that once existed to those that are yet to exist, Cyril invites you to experience other lives that have passed upon the land you travel, from railway archaeologists, jazz club owners, ghostly residents and estate agents. A piece about the nature and politics of repetitions in time.

"Entirely absorbing. Somewhere between a play and an urban hike that has you wandering around your own backyard."
- Adam Mendez, post production, Universal Films

"'Regeneration' seems to be the current issue in London, this walk makes you realise it's a timeless issue. A great social political message delivered through great storytelling"
- Ben Cummins, founder of Mobile Clubbing

"I loved the feeling of being on a personal adventure. An amazing, rich experience. Makes you think about what a community means, and our complicity through being passive in the changes going on around us"
- Jo Peace, Local Resident

"A ghostly stroll that would inspire any budding Fláneur to explore the hidden secrets of East London "
- Stephen Dobbie, sounds designer for Punchdrunk

  • Devised by Joon Lynn Goh and Aaron Minnigin
  • Rebecca Botten
  • Matthew Dye
  • Edward Halstead
  • David Aldhouse
  • Dominic Coates
  • Jeremy Sachs
  • Matthew Blake
  • Raquel Meseguer
  • James Millar
Sound Design;
  • James Dunn
  • Stephen Molyneux
Interviews with and special thanks to;
  • Nick Catford
  • Hin Chua
  • Gio
  • Newton Dunbar
  • Bill Parry-Davies
  • Helena Poldervaart
  • Mary Zantaris
  • Pablo Alcantara Ferran
  • Hin Chua
  • Eva Edsjo Konstantinov

Past Work

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